Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Hunger Pangs: The Prequel (Complete)

How did Dre, Kai and Daamin meet? I don't know, and you won't find any answers here either. But, you'll come to understand how they operate, the world of Liberty and Strife, as well as see just how much main character energy they were giving off before they even became main characters. The gang also tries their luck in a battle royal style tournament and solves a kidnapping; because there is a plot here. What? You thought this summary was just internet jargon?

Liberty and Strife (Ongoing)

Dre, Kai and Daamin are just hanging out playing another game of Liberty and Strife. Kai has gotten himself into some trouble as usual, Daamin has turned himself into a caiman, not an alligator or crocodile. Oh, and some evil figure shrouded in robes has put an end to the virtual part of virtual reality. Stop me if you've heard this before, or hundreds of times before. They're trapped in the game and they have to find a way to beat the final boss to escape. Except, there wasn't a final boss before this, or was there? Maybe the real video game boss was all the responsibilities and accountability we dodged all the way. No, that's not it, there's a real boss at the end with a whole lot of bang bang boom boom pow.

1.1 - The Office


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